What is the material of the pickling board


Pickling board is a commonly used material, and the effect it brings is quite good. And what is the material of the pickling board, let's take a look now.

What is the material of the pickling board

Pickled sheet is made from hot-rolled sheet of good quality, and the surface quality is better than that of hot-rolled sheet, but slightly lower than that of cold-rolled sheet. The surface of the pickling board has removed the oxide patch, thus improving the overall quality of the steel, which is beneficial to the later welding and painting work.

The dimensional accuracy of the pickling board is relatively high. When it is flattened, it will cause a certain change in the shape of the board, thereby reducing the deviation of the unevenness and making it more secure to use. Then it can effectively improve the surface finish of the pickling board, and the aesthetic effect will also be enhanced. In addition, the pickling board not only ensures good surface quality, but also effectively reduces the cost required for production.

What are the characteristics of pickling board

1. The cost required for pickling sheets will be reduced. The use of pickling sheets instead of cold-rolled sheets will not only keep up with the quality and effect, but also require less capital, ensuring subsequent normal use and avoiding unnecessary troubles. .

2. The surface quality of the pickling plate is also relatively good. Compared with the ordinary hot-rolled plate, there is no iron oxide scale on the surface and unnecessary defects are avoided. Therefore, the strength of the steel surface is increased, so that the welding and construction in the later stage will become simpler.

3. The pickling board is a material of good quality, not only the accuracy of the size will be relatively high, but also the deviation of the flatness can be reduced, so as to ensure that it can be used normally in the later stage, and the overall effect will be enhanced.

4. Due to the different production processes of the pickling board, the brightness of the surface of the pickling board can be effectively enhanced, the appearance effect will be enhanced, and the service life will be longer.

Editor's summary: What is the material of the pickling board, and what are the characteristics of the pickling board, I will introduce it here first, do you understand it? Pickling board is a good material, and its use is relatively extensive, but pay attention to the details of use to avoid unnecessary trouble.