The difference between pickling plate and hot rolled plate


Pickling plate: it is an intermediate product between hot rolled plate and cold rolled plate with high quality hot rolled plate as raw material, after removing the oxide layer by pickling unit, cutting edge and finishing, the surface quality and use requirements (mainly cold bending or stamping performance).

Hot rolled plate: relatively low strength, surface quality almost (oxidation, low finish), but good plasticity, generally medium thick plate.

The advantages of pickling plate compared with hot rolled plate:

1, the surface quality is good, compared with ordinary hot rolled plate, hot rolled pickling plate to remove the surface of iron oxide, improve the surface quality of steel, easy to welding, oiling and painting.

2, high dimensional accuracy, after leveling, can make the plate type change, so as to reduce the deviation of the flatness.

3, improve the surface finish, enhance the appearance effect.